Time, consciousness and freedom: considerations on the experiments of B. Libet and collaborators


  • José Ignacio Murillo Universidad de Navarra
  • José Manuel Giménez-Amaya Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


This paper discusses the experiment of Libet and his colleagues on conscious decisions and others inspired in it. The discussion concentrates especially on two topics. Firstly, the relationship between consciousness and time, and second, the idea of freedom which is presupposed in those experiments.



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Murillo, José Ignacio, and José Manuel Giménez-Amaya. “Time, Consciousness and Freedom: Considerations on the Experiments of B. Libet and Collaborators”. Acta Philosophica 17, no. 2 (September 30, 2008): 291–306. Accessed December 2, 2023. https://www.actaphilosophica.it/article/view/3987.



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