About the Journal

Acta Philosophica is a double-blind peer-reviewed International Journal founded in 1992, and from the beginning, it has enjoyed the collaboration of scholars working in universities worldwide. It thus serves as an instrument of dialogue and collaboration among the various fields of philosophical research. The journal was published by Armando Editore until 2004, and after that by Fabrizio Serra Editore (Pisa - Rome), maintaining the same editorial line as the Faculty of Philosophy of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. The annual volume comprises two issues of about 200 pages each.
The journal publishes articles in Italian, English, Spanish, and French, regarding the main areas of philosophical debate. Particular attention is given to the dialogue between philosophy and science, and to the questions surrounding the relationships between faith and reason and between classical philosophy and contemporary thought. Ample space is also devoted to the presentation of recent philosophical works. Each issue is divided into the following sections: Studies, Notes and Comments, Thematic Bibliographies, Reviews, and Bibliographical Notes. There is also an annual Forum section, containing the discussion of a recent book or a specific topic. Periodically a special Monothematic Section is offered.

For those dedicated to studying and teaching philosophy, the journal is a valuable resource for up-to-date information and in-depth reflection.

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