The manuscript ACDF, Index, Protocols, vol. EE, f. 291r-v


  • Rafael Martínez Pontificia Università della Santa Croce



In the Archive of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith a document has recently been found which seems to contain a doctrinal opinion concerning the anonymous accusation against Galileo’s atomism that Pietro Redondi discovered and published in 1983. The present paper is a transcription of the new document, together with explanatory notes. The introduction describes the manuscript and offers some hypotheses concerning the circumstances of its composition and its author, whom we believe to be Melchior Inchofer. The question of the origin and motivation of the original accusation against Galileo’s atomism is also addressed.



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Martínez, Rafael. “The Manuscript ACDF, Index, Protocols, Vol. EE, F. 291r-V”. Acta Philosophica 10, no. 2 (September 30, 2001): 215–242. Accessed July 13, 2024.



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