The Rationality of Logos instead of the Dictatorship of Relativism


  • Józef M. Życiński Catholic University of Lublin


Relativism has been argued by many scholars such as Pope Benedict XVI to not only be a “Dictatorship,” but also the very root that inhibits both contemporary philosophers and scientists from properly expanding their theories further into objective truth. This essay develops an overall consideration of relativism from the renown perspectives of influential thinkers within both the major fields of philosophy and theology. First, Życiński establishes a dichotomy between the world views of relativism with one that maintains a universal “Rationality of Logos”. Accepting a Logos encapsulated universe, the essay goes on to argue for the inherent rationality behind chaotic theory systems in light of an objective and unified absolute truth. Both the concepts of the “Cosmos of Logos” and the “Cosmos of Chaos” are considered in depth and in light of mathematics. This paper is particularly focused upon the scientific community’s process of theoretical development and the nature of the order inherent behind physical reality. Życiński not only argues that a Logos is inherent within nature, but that it is verifiably acceptable in light of the incontrovertible fact that mathematics is both applied and correlated perfectly with physical reality. Życiński concludes with a consideration of the consequences of a Logos’ natural reality in light of human history that at times was fruitful, though most recently hampering, for society’s discovering of objective truth. Życiński also ends the essay by considering common standpoints for other central ethical and cultural implications within a Logos encapsulated universe. (Abstract by Mario V. Cardone)




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