The theo-logical foundation of truth. The relationship between being, truth and logos in the light of Aristotle’s Perì Hermeneías and the commentary of St Thomas Aquinas


  • Francisco Fernández Labastida Pontificia Università della Santa Croce


Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, God, Being, Logos, Truth, Certainty


The Modern concept of truth, which subjects truth to certainty, broke the harmonious relation between reality and truth, that prevailed in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy. Hans-Georg Gadamer thinks that the main task of contemporary Philosophy is to recover the original harmony of being and knowledge. To shed light on the nature of this problem, we expound the metaphysical-theological foundation of truth, which is at the roots of Aristotelian and Thomistic Philosophies. Specifically, we analyze here the relation between being, truth and logos in the Aristotelian treatise Perì Hermeneías, and in its Thomistic commentary.



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Fernández Labastida, Francisco. “The Theo-Logical Foundation of Truth. The Relationship Between Being, Truth and Logos in the Light of Aristotle’s Perì Hermeneías and the Commentary of St Thomas Aquinas”. Acta Philosophica 18, no. 1 (March 1, 2009): 11–26. Accessed July 24, 2024.




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