Why Technoethics


  • José María Galván Pontificia Università della Santa Croce, Facoltà di Teologia


Technoethics, Science, Freedom


The author examines the semantics of the term technoethics and starts of the meaning of technique. The technique does not have an end in itself, because it is the person to determine the order to apply the technique. The technology is neutral, but its use may be positive or negative from an ethical point of view. Unlike animals, which are governed by instincts, even in more complex actions, the technical production of man (and work) is based on freedom. It is the freedom to allow the emergence of the ethical dimension. Therefore, according to the author, if the animals know how to be “technical”, only man is capable of being “technoethic”. It is not to put ethics in the service of technique, but rather the technique in the service of man.



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