Leonardo Polo: Freedom as a Personal Being and its Manifestation in the Will


  • Juan José Sanguineti Pontificia Università della Santa Croce, Facoltà di Filosofia




Freedom, Will, Gift, Acceptance, Person, Good, Being


Freedom in L. Polo’s transcendental anthropology is seen as equivalent to the human person, conceived as a peculiar act of existence different from the act of being attributed to the material universe. More precisely, freedom constitutes, together with co-existence, intellect and self-donating love, the four personal transcendentals of the being-person. The structure of self-donating love is the dynamics of giving and accepting. At the level of essence as a manifestation of the person, freedom appears as the self which is capable of voluntary acts (free will). Voluntary actions perform, through many good works, what is originally required by self-donating love.



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