Religious Experience and the Transcendentals


  • Jorge Peña Vial Universidad de los Andes



Transcendental ones, Happiness, Creation, Art, Beauty, Music


The religious phenomenon is linked by the experience that the transcendental ones provide to us. 1) We will Warn the split of the verum respect of the bonus and of the pulchrum; none of them finds his fullness of an isolated way. 2) His unit only is in God; there is a God’s natural desire when we long the happiness. 3) Limitations in the experience of the transcendental ones, due to our simultaneous condition so much of greatness (always we look for the truth, the good and the beauty) as of misery (unable to reach them without the help of the grace). 4) In the work of art there is an observation of fullness, a nostalgia of paradise, us another world is discovered. The theological “background noise” in the artistic creation makes us neighbors of the transcendent thing; the existing entail between the music and the religious feeling.



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