Social Psychology Theories, Unity of Virtues and Reasonableness


  • Michele Mangini Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro



Social psychology, Unity, Virtues, Reasonableness, Character


The standard of reasonableness and ‘the reasonable person standard’ enjoy a wide legal and political use but their origin is, in my view, within the ethics of virtues. The virtues refer to an ideal agent, useful for evaluations of human conduct. Certain theories in social psychology propose views which undermine the use of virtues in daily life. I believe that common practical reasoning leaves more room to virtue-concepts than what theories such as ‘Mixed Traits theory’ allow. If the argument is plausible we also have good reasons to hold the ‘unity of virtues’ (UV) thesis as a thesis which is conducive to integrate the concerns of different virtues, deflating conflicts. In our increasingly conflictual age UV seems required by reasonableness which, in turn, shows its importance for human flourishing.



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