Temi dell'ermeneutica del XX secolo

Francesco Russo

The article begins with a consideration of the claim that hermeneutics has been a predominant current in the philosophy of the latter decades of the twentieth century. Certain topics in contemporary hermeneutic thought are then examined, such as the universality of hermeneutics, the linguistic nature of understanding, and the concept of belonging. The study brings out the limits and the implications of these themes, drawing upon the works of the philosophers involved in the discussion in the past few years. Although the article's chief point of reference is the thought of H.G. Gadamer, the reflections of other authors are brought to bear on it; these include P. Ricoeur, E. Betti, K.O. Apel, and L. Pareyson. The article concludes with an indication of the need for a more searching dialogue between the hermeneutical and metaphysical outlooks.

1. La nuova koiné e l'età ermeneutica della ragione

2. Confini e obiettivi del presente articolo

3. L'universalità dell'ermeneutica

4. Esperienza, conoscenza e interpretazione

5. La linguisticità del comprendere

5.1. Il linguaggio e lo spirito oggettivo

5.2. Il concetto di appartenenza

6. Oltre l'ermeneutica