Sono l'embrione umano, il bambino con anencefalia ed il paziente in stato vegetativo persistente persone umane? Una dimostrazione razionale a partire dai movimenti spontanei

Antoine Suárez

It is demostrated that an organism which has the biological capability to become an organism of the species 'homo sapiens' showing spontaneous mouvements, is a human person. Hence, children with anencephaly and patients in the vegetative persistent state should be considered to be persons. Moreover, outgoing from recent embryological observations on mammals, we demonstrate the theorem that among the eggs resulting from the fusion of an ovule and a sperm, there are such that can develop until the stage of spontaneous mouvements whithout being penetrated by maternal macromolecules; only such egges are refferred to as embryos. Therefore, preimplantation embryos (also called "preembryos") are human persons too. Similarily, an organism of the human species that does not shows spontaneous mouvements but has the neural capability to perform them, is a person (in coma state); on the contrary, a human organism that does not posess the neural capability to perform spontaneous mouvements is a corpse.