Ragione e religione. Dalla filosofia prima alla religione

Luis Romera

Sommario: 1. Il senso della metafisica in un contesto postmoderno. 2. Filosofia prima e trascendenza. 3. Esistenza e religione.

Abstract: First philosophy presents itself as a rational and existential exigency for contemporary thought. One of the tasks of philosophy today is to meet Heideggerian criticism regarding the forgetfulness of being. First philosophy, as thought of presuppositions that underlie every exercise in reason and liberty, demonstrates an indispensable task. To think of presuppositions, and the implications herein, moves one towards questions of transcendence and therefore religion. This inescapable moment of the journey is brought about by the existential questions that liberty poses.

Keywords: First Philosophy, Question about being, Transcendence, Religion, Kierkegaard, Heidegger.