Post-humanismo y crisis del humanismo 

José Ángel García Cuadrado

Sumario: 1. La formación del concepto de humanismo. 2. El humanismo ilustrado. 3. La carta sobre el humanismo de Heidegger. 4. Peter Sloterdijk y las Normas para el parque humano. 5. Transhumanismo y Post-humanismo. 6. El humanismo ha muerto. ¡Viva el humanismo!

Abstract: The advent of post-Humanism coincides with the crisis of Humanism (the human being is a privileged entity in the material world). How did this crisis come about? This paper presents the Christian origins of Humanism until its transformation into the Enlightened Humanism. The crisis of Humanism brought by Heidegger and consummated by Sloterdijk and post-Humanist supposes, actually, the ideal of Enlightened Humanism, strongly criticized, for example, by Gray. At this crossroads the alternatives are the death of Humanism (nihilism) or the overcoming of the Enlightened model in search of a new humanism.

Keywords: Humanism, Gray, Heidegger, Post-Humanism, Sloterdijk.