Metafisica e macroanthropos: il realismo sociologico di Emmanuele Morandi

Adalberto Arrigoni

Sommario: 1. Premessa. 2. L’ambiente metafisico di una “sociologia degli antichi”. 3. Un’ontologia sociale relazionale. 4. Per una società di liberi: l’autonomia della relazione sociale come “determinazione” della reciprocità.

Abstract: This short essay is an introduction to Emmanuele Morandi streams of research, which aimed at recreating a new connection between social sciences and metaphysics, empirical research and moral reflections. After a brief introduction, the kind of anthropological critical metaphysical realism fostered by Morandi is outlined. The third paragraph addresses some foundational aspect of his social ontology; lastly, the complex distinction between social, political and economic spheres will be presented.

Keywords: sociological realism, social ontology, sociology and metaphysics, society and politics, Emmanuele Morandi.