Juan A. García González. Ser causal y ser donal: la propuesta de Leonardo Polo sobre la libertad humana

Abstract: Starting from the so-called ‘abandonment of the mental limit’, Polo’s metaphysics opens to anthropology. To be is understood as a deep act that explains the appearance of things, in the sense of generating, being born, emerging, springing. This is the ‘activity’ (act) through which things are what they are. There are two ways of emerging or arising, one according to nature, the other one according to the will. Nature is a causal genesis. Free will implies coming out in the sense of donation. The capital difference between both is the addressee, in the case of the second sense, since without the addressee there can be no donation. Thus, personal freedom surpasses monism. A unique person has no sense. To whom should he give his work and deeds?


Keywords: Freedom, Metaphysics, Causality, Donation.