Il problema del metodo della metafisica

Juan José Sanguineti

Sommario: 1. Domanda e metodo. Le scienze. 2. Quale oggetto e quale metodo per la filosofia? 3. L’esperienza ontologica originaria. 4. La percezione intellettiva ontologica come metodo di base della metafisica.

Abstract: This paper addresses the problem of the method in philosophy and metaphysics and tries to solve it by stressing their distinction regarding scientific methods, as well as the importance of the ontological insight inherent to the common understanding of the first principles (noús). I describe an “epistemic interactive triangle” as a set of relations between common understanding, sciences, and philosophy. Previously to any rational procedure, any philosophical thought starts from some ontological and habitual understanding coherent with the object of philosophy. This understanding transforms ‘noús’ into wisdom. The correct way to the metaphysical insight is descriptive as well as normative, granted one tries to preserve the genuine character of philosophy suggested and controlled by noús.

Keywords: Philosophy, Metaphysics, Sciences, Method, Understanding, Object, Question, Basic ontological experience, First Principles, Intellectual habits.