Guerra ai limiti. Sulle filosofie dell’immortalità terrena

Luca Grion

Sommario: 1. L’arcipelago postumanista. 2. Postumanesimo e transumanesimo. 3. Aspettando il futuro. 4. Singolaristi ed estropiani. 5. Superman e Wonderwoman. 6. Tra ingegneria del paradiso e paradiso elettronico. 7. Dai tesori dell’infinitamente piccolo alla guerra all’invecchimento. 8. Postumanesimo e zooantropologia. 9. Il fronte critico al movimento transumanista. 10. Provocazione conclusiva: e se fossimo di fronte ad un rinnovato gnosticismo?

Abstract: This essay wants to outline a general framework for the debate on post-human, that is on the ethical-anthropological reflection that questions the future of man in a context of a wider reflection on the relationship between the human person and the technique. This paper first uses the image of the archipelago and focuses on the various versions of the post-humanism argument. In this way, these variants are highlighted, showing in themselves some constants shared by different authors. At the end of this essay is offered a short review of the criticism towards the post-humanist philosophy, including the possibility to read it as an expression of a renewed Gnosticism.

Keywords: philosophical anthropology, ethics, human person, post-humanism, technique.