El objeto del conocimiento en el tomismo: antecedentes medievales, dificultades contemporáneas

Ceferino P.D. Muñoz

Sumario: 1. Prenotandos. 2. Nada nuevo bajo el sol: la objetualidad en los antiguos. 3. La propuesta de Maritain: la idea de una escuela tomista. 4. Consideraciones finales: sobre la pertinencia del esse obiectivum en la mens tomasiana.

Abstract: We examine the problem of objectivity in the Thomistic epistemology in two contemporary authors, because they have an important doctrinal weight and addressing this issue clearly: Lorenzo Vincente and Jacques Maritain. Both authors support the idea that in Thomas Aquinas would be contained a theory of the object, which appears as a key piece the notion of esse obiectivum. However, here we argue that such notion and the problem of objectivity would have been a field added by other philosophers and not by Aquinas; and even more, we argue that this problem is presented as risky for a correct interpretation of medieval thinker.

Keywords: Lorenzo Vicente, Maritain, Thomas Aquinas, esse obiectivum, object.