Causality, Nature and Fate in Alexander of Aphrodisias

Alberto Ross

Summary: 1. Introduction. 2. Fate and nature in De fato. 3. Providence and fate in the Aristotelianism of Alexander of Aphrodisias. 4. Conclusions.

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to examine the relationship between “causality”, “nature”, and “fate” in the De Fato of Alexander of Aphrodisias. The Greek commentator offers several arguments against determinism in the mentioned book, but I will focus my attention on only one of them in order to achieve my purpose. Alexander points out that everything that is “in accordance with nature” (katà tèn phúsin) is also “in accordance with fate” (kath’heimarménen). I will try to clarify this point and I will consider some novel aspects of Alexander’s theory which emerge in the reconstruction of his assimilation of Aristotelianism

Keywords: Aristotle, Alexander of Aphrodisias, Nature, Fate, Providence, Causality, God.