Peer review

The works received will be submitted by the Editorial Board to the judgment of blind referees. Within three months, the author will be notified in writing if its work has been accepted for publication and, if he has to introduce some changes. In the case of a negative response, the author will be given an anonymous summary of the judgment of the referees. The process of evaluation of the articles shall be suspended during the months of July, August and December.

In 2018 the following professors (in alphabetic order) acted as blind-referees for the Journal:

Andrea Aiello, Adriano Ardovino, Valeria Ascheri, Pablo Blanco Sarto, Magdalena Bosch, Stephen L. Brock, Eduardo Charpenel, Ivan Colagè, Paola-Ludovika Coriando, Manuel M. Cruz Ortiz de Landázuri, Philippe Dalleur, Vicente de Haro, Rafael Díaz Dorronsoro, María del Socorro Fernández García, Francisco Fernández Labastida, Fernando Galindo, Maria Luisa Gatti, Francisco J. González, Renato Huarte, Benedetto Ippolito, Mariano Iturbe, Manuel Lázaro Pulido, Mauricio Lecón, Jorge León Casero, Gennaro Luise,  Antonio Malo,  Rafael Martínez, Jorge Mittelmann, Eva Oggionni, Hervé Pasqua, Antonio Petagine, Matteo Pietropaoli, María Cristina Reyes, Mercedes Rubio, Sergio Sánchez Migallón, Juan José Sanguineti, Santiago Sanz Sánchez, Nicoletta Scotti, Tommaso Valentini, Idoya Zorroza.

In 2018, 40 articles were submitted: 8 of them were not accepted after double-blind review, 12 articles were accepted with the request for some changes by the author, 20 articles were returned without referee review because considered not suitable for the journal.