Un nuovo documento sul caso Galileo: EE 291

Mariano Artigas

In the Archive of the Congregation of the Index (now in the Archive of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith), there has recently been found a document related to the denunciation of Il Saggiatore that Pietro Redondi used in proposing his reinterpretation of the Galileo case. It is a doctrinal opinion, without name or date, concerning the same issue: the relation between the teaching of Galileo on sensible qualities and Catholic doctrine concerning the Eucharist. At the moment we can only explain its probable origin and suggest some hypotheses about its significance.


1. Premessa.

2. Redondi e G3.

3. La disputa delle comete.

4. L'oggettività  delle qualità.

5. Un viaggio e una denuncia.

6. La denuncia alla luce di G3.

7. Il ritrovamento di EE 291.

8. Descrizione di EE 291.

9. Significato di EE 291.