J.G. Fichte: l'affermazione dell'Assoluto

Daniel Gamarra

The problem of God, or of the Absolut, in the transcendental philosophy has not a classical metaphysical character; the position of the problem has an subjective origin, and in Fichte's philosophy God appears as a certain last point in the way of the Wissenschaftslehre. The «doctrine of the science» is the theory of foundation of the philosophy and of the totality of sciences: Fichte finds its first principle in a subjective and last act of the mind. But in a latter period of his thougth, but in continuity with its former philosophy, Fichte maintains that the Absolut appears as an imagine in the conscience: this thesis constitues the possibility of an affirmation of God from an indirect point of view, perhaps the only possible point of view in transcendental philosophy.