Il mondo dipinto. Considerazioni sulle tesi di Emanuele Severino

Luigi Cimmino

Sommario: 1. Ritornando a Severino. 2. L’essere. 3. L’essere come determinabile. 4. L’essere come identità. 5. Il nulla. 6. Il pensiero.

Abstract: The article examines the arguments with which Emanuele Severino attempts to demonstrate the necessary and immutable existence of everything. The author highlights the various inconsistencies in the thesis of Severino and provides an approach with a more correct reflection concerning existence, in the context of contemporary metaphysics. The essay also addresses other topics – in particular regarding the conditions of the intelligibility of universals, and the issue of nothingness and the intentionality of thought – that inevitably accompany the discussion regarding the nature of being. Through an examination of Severino’s proposal the essay addresses themes and issues now widely debated in the field of contemporary ontology.

Keywords: metaphysics, ontology, Parmenides, Emanuele Severino.